Map of Kathmandu NepalAfter one year lost of my life as a student .I was  fully cracked .then I made one  mentality to join Gradient  ,22 may 2016 I join gradient academy with my friend sagar devkota . it is the  preparation class for the IOE exam .I have made plan to study civil. engineering at any college of tribhuwan university .
 first day at grident was interesting  . after that I changed myself to that studying environment .after 2 and half month the class ended .at this time interval I met a lots of friend among them saroj pokhrel  is closer with me . and we are going to Kathmandu together as well..... the notice came 15 july 2016 to fill up the form for IOE exam and we together fill up  the form .our exam is on 11 AUG. 2016 from 10:00 to 12:00 so we are going to Kathmandu tomorrow morning ..  

my first trip to capital city of my country began like that .....lets see what will be the result ...
will it be positive or negative ......

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