IOE Entrance Examination 2073 Result Published

IOE Entrance Examination 2072 Result Published  ...... exam was started from 26 of shravan  2073.
Institute of Engineering (IOE) is one of the five technical institutes under Tribhuvan University (TU). Looking back to the history, IOE was founded in 1930 (1987/11/19BS) as Nepal’s first technical school and reformed to present shape in 1972 as an organ of Tribhuvan University. It is producing outstanding engineering technicians and engineers for more than 82 years. The tradition of excellence in the IOE is further intensifying in the course of time. IOE is also becoming more and more responsive to the ever-changing needs of the students and the engineering profession. The Institute is experiencing a period of significant growth. The voyage of IOE departing from producing low- and middle level technician is continuing to running Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programmes by now. The alumni are spreading across all continents engaged in the engineering profession of wider disciplines. IOE is running its programmes through its four constituent and ten affiliated campuses in the country.
The Institute of Engineering is enormously benefited by the wide range of perspectives and talents brought in by the students, faculty and staff from a variety of backgrounds. IOE offers an impressive range of academic resources. Student in IOE mean more than simply preparing for a career. IOE strive to produce brains who can contribute to the growth of Nepal in all sense. IOE involves students not only in the acquisition of a formal qualification valued in society but also in the excitement of investigation, pursuit of ideas and the satisfaction that comes from applying knowledge. Beyond purely academic pursuits, Institute offers a wide range of social, cultural and recreation activities with the hope that students take a little time from their studies to enjoy some of these benefits as well.
Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives Vision
The vision of the Institute of Engineering is to be a premier engineering education institution at par with world class role models.
IOE visioned to be world class institution. The key factors for this are the availability of resources, governance and concentration of talents. This will, in turn, produce capable and competitive graduates in one side and in the other side institute will have considerable research outputs. These research outputs may be patents rights attracting international, regional and national prizes and honors. The synergy of these factors also triggers the process of technology transfer in the institution.



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