THE war between India and Pakistan is not new news for us ....the war between this two country is going dipper day by day .

what is happening in this world ..............

Indian border villages are being evacuated following the rising tension between the neighbours [EPA]. Pakistani and Indian troops exchanged fresh fire across the de facto Kashmir border, ... with the fighters of the FARC's 62nd front as they contemplate life after war. ...

The decades-old India vs Pakistan conflict took a new turn after both nations had a showdown at the UN General Assembly. Amidst all the tensions between the two countries, here is a look at their military power comparisons.
Both nations leave no stone unturned to remain a step ahead of each other. The competition is such that they have intense focus on the military front. Check out the India vs Pakistan military strengths.


With a total population of 1,251,695,584, India’s man power under the fit for service category goes up to 489,600,000, alongside an availability of 616,600,000. Pakistan has a gross population of 199,085,847. They have reached the fit for service quota up to 75,325,000.

India Vs Pakistan Air Power Count

India has a total of 2,086 aircraft, 679 air fighters, 19 attack helicopters and 809 fixed wing attack aircraft, while Pakistan has total 923 aircraft, 304 fighters, 394 fixed wing attack aircraft and 52 attack helicopters.

Naval Strength Of Both Nations

India has a total naval power of 295, in addition to 2 aircraft carriers, 10 destroyers, 14 submarines and 6 mine warfare ships. Furthermore, Pakistan has naval strength of 197 and 12 coastal defense crafts.

Land Systems

With a total of 6,464 tanks, India in addition has 6704 AFVs, 290 SPGs and 292 MLRSs. On the contrary, Pakistan has 2,924 tanks in total, 2,828 AFVs, 465 SPGs and 134 MLRSs.

Pakistan Concerned Over India’s Modernized Military Structure? 

Reportedly, Pakistan is very concerned over the modernized military programme of India.
“There is some amount of frustration in Islamabad, which they haven’t been able to achieve. We have contacts with the Pakistani military. I think they are really concerned over India’s conventional military modernisation,” said Ben Barry, a senior expert.

India Vs Pakistan War History

Ever since the 1947 partition, India and Pakistan have been involved in four wars, yearly dated on 1947, 1965, 1971, 1999.

my opinion

this war is because of kasmir and jamu ,,,this war will end if two city be free from both country and be a separate country ,,,,,,